Storm Damage Property Restoration: What To Do After The Storm

roofing contractor's truck in front of a brick house

Scheduling Your Roof Storm Damage Repair

Hail, wind, and tornado-embedded storms are not new in the DFW, Texas area. Sometimes these storms can be catastrophic, harming residents and causing extensive property damage.

Recovering from a storm can be challenging and time-consuming, but knowing what to do next can help you make the right decisions to help ensure a smooth and quick transition. Keep reading and learn the vital steps you need to follow to restore your damaged property to normal as quickly as possible.

3 Steps For Storm Damage Property Restoration

The steps you must take after a storm damages your property include inspecting your home for damage, making an insurance claim, and hiring a reliable roofing contractor for your services. These steps are described in detail as follows.

Inspect Your Home To Assess The Damage

After the storm has passed, you need to examine your home to know the extent of the destruction. Remember, there could be hidden damages you may not detect at first glance. Therefore, you must be extremely careful as some damage can endanger your well-being and your family. Some of the hazardous dangers include: 

  • Broken glass
  • Broken and exposed electrical wires
  • Exposed nails 
  • Loose ceiling boards and floor tiles
  • A leaking roof

Report The Damage To Your Insurance

Before speaking to your insurance agent, you need to do two critical things:

  • Take pictures and videos of your property after the storm to capture the damages
  • Understand your insurance policy by learning about insurance covers and exclusions under the homeowner’s insurance policy

By doing so, you will avoid unnecessary negotiations with your insurance agent. You will know what kind of damage is covered and what is not. Furthermore, you will learn and be prepared for the amount of money you’ll be required to spend if necessary. Of course, this can be a difficult process, which is why having someone to provide roof insurance claims help can be a wise idea.

Begin The Storm Damage Restoration – Choose A Qualified Contractor

To prevent more harm and health risks, addressing and resolving the destruction as soon as feasible is imperative. Hiring a restoration specialist will relieve this daunting obligation. However, remember that a poorly done or inadequate restoration will leave your family in an unsafe environment. Therefore, hire a qualified and reliable contractor to repair the property’s damages.

Get Your Damaged Property Restored Today

When storms strike, they can damage your property and belongings and leave you and your family devastated. Hiring a qualified and experienced contractor to handle your repairs is crucial. 

At OneSource Roofing and Restoration, we exist to make the restoration process simple for Texas homeowners and to be a company you can trust in an industry with multiple fraudulent contractors. Contact us today by calling 682-372-7221 to get your property inspected and restored or to schedule a consultation.