Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Frisco, TX

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High-Quality Options for Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike. This is because it offers a number of benefits, along with being a stylish option, and there are plenty of reasons you may be considering a metal roof installation. Of course, if you are interested in a metal roof installation, you want to be certain you work with a roofing contractor who can get the job done correctly. OneSource Roofing and Restoration can be there to lend a hand if you are considering a metal roof installation in Frisco, TX or the surrounding area, or if you need help with metal roof repair services. If you would like to speak with a member of our team about how we can help you, give us a call today at 682-372-7221

Why Choose a Metal Roof Installation?

A metal roofing system can be a great choice for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a metal roof installation is the strength of this roofing material, as metal roofing is able to stand up to plenty of wear and tear without a significant amount of damage. Along with that, a metal roof installation has great longevity when compared with other roofing materials. On average, a metal roofing system can last for around 40 to 70 years before a roof replacement is needed, though this timespan can vary depending on factors such as the environment a home or building is located in and the type of metal used in a roof installation. 

Metal roofing systems are also a great option because of the eco-friendly nature of this roofing material. Metal roofing is often made of recycled materials, and it can be recycled again once a roof replacement is needed. This option is also highly energy efficient when compared to other types of roofing. Though it may seem counterintuitive, a metal roof has the ability to reflect heat and sunlight away from a building, which helps to keep it cooler in the warmer months of the year. This, in turn, can help an individual lower the amount of energy they use to keep things warm. 

These are just a few of the benefits that a metal roof installation can provide. Other reasons you may consider metal roofing include the ability of this material to stand up to the growth of moss and mildew, along with its ability to prevent intrusion from pests. 

Help With Installation, Repair, and More

If you are thinking about this option for your roof, our team can be there to help. We provide metal roof installation using high-quality options such as standing seam metal roofing. This is an option that uses a snap lock system that ensures quick installation while also helping to prevent leaks. 

Our team can also lend a hand if you already have a metal roofing system and have found yourself in need of repair services. We can provide the assistance you require regardless of the damage that you are dealing with, and our team can work to provide metal roof repair for problems of any size. Examples of problems that we can provide assistance with include areas where metal roofing systems have become damaged due to corrosion, because of debris that has struck a metal roofing system, storm damage to the roofing, or even problems caused by the poor initial installation of the metal roofing system. These are all problems that should be taken care of immediately to prevent further issues, but rest assured that we are available to provide the help you need right away. 

With our high-quality metal roof repair services, you can be certain that your roofing system will be back in the best shape possible once we have finished our work. We will also work with you to find the best solution possible if you are experiencing issues with your roofing system, whether a metal roof repair is necessary or if you will need more extensive work completed, such as a roof replacement.

Regardless of the kind of assistance you require, you can be certain that our team is highly experienced and we use only the best materials available for all the work that we do. That is why you can rely on us whenever you need help with metal roofing. 

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  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing Our team can help with high-quality installation, repair, and other services for standing seam metal roofing.