Meet the Owner

owner of the company Matt Allbritton

Meet Matt Allbritton

How Matt Built His Business

Roofing in Texas is known for scandals and scammers. Stories of roofers taking a check without doing the work, doing a crummy job but not fixing their errors, or just knocking on a door without a solicitors permit are far too common. It is a bad combination of a lucrative industry and no state license requirements. With these facts in mind, there is great potential to stand out as a trustworthy and reliable roofing contractor.

I was in roofing sales for over five years before stepping out on my own. I worked for both large and small companies in that timeframe. While the companies I worked for were more trustworthy than most, there was always something that made them want to cut corners and beat the competition. Owners and sales managers continually influence their sales teams to break the law. This didn’t fly with me. Once I accrued the appropriate knowledge needed I was ready to branch off on my own.

Because the industry is as sketchy as it is, most companies have little focus on branding. This was one of the ways I knew I could be different. My goal is to catch people’s attention with second-to-none branding and follow through with the best service, products, trustworthiness, and friendliness in the industry. I want people to see what it is that makes me different as a roofer in Frisco, TX.

Matt’s Background 

One of my least favorite things about sales is the slimy, sweet talkers. Oftentimes, those that can sell the best are the worst at follow-through, or they leave the customer with buyer’s remorse. In my opinion, the best way to sell is to focus on the needs of the buyer, and not the need of the seller. Our society is constantly trying to sell people on the needs of the seller.

The great thing about roofing sales in Texas is the need is very easy to spot. Hail storms, wind storms, and tornadoes are common here. There are homeowners all over Texas in need of a trustworthy roofing contractor. It is still important to not “oversell.” You need to present the options to the homeowners, give them advice, and let them decide what their needs are.

For example, here in Texas, severe weather is most common from March through early June. When March hail storms hit, roofers are trying to get their customers to replace their roofs right away. I never understood this. There are still three more months of hail season and the customer has a year to get the work done (according to most insurance companies). If there are no leaks or the homeowner is not in a rush for any other reason, let’s wait. There is no reason to make a customer have to pay two deductibles in a single year.

Even in roofing sales, contractors are selling based on their own needs, and not the needs of the customers. This is one way we are different.

company truck in front of a home with a shingle roof
Before and after photos of shingle roofing after replacement

How Matt Funded His Business

The funds needed to start a roofing business in Texas are minimal. However, it can take plenty of time to start getting paid, especially when most of the work you do is based on storms and insurance claims. As mentioned previously, I wanted my brand to be second-to-none in the industry, which means I needed to start off with an amazing logo and truck wrap (and have money in the bank as I waited for business to come). I wanted to do everything I could to not have to take out a business loan.

So I sold my house. With my wife and I having a toddler and a baby on the way, it wasn’t an easy decision. But the seller’s market was high and it would make the risk of starting my business make more sense. (P.S. Not every spouse would be as supportive as my wife, Christina, was. I truly could not have done it without her).

I ran a logo competition, chose my designer, and he made my logo along with my truck design. This design immediately made me stand out among my competitors.

view of a shingle roofing system from above
company truck in front of a home with a shingle roofing system

Other Insights from Matt

Social media is huge. We are actively on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, (and still somewhat active on Twitter and YouTube). Facebook mostly helps us land business with family, friends, and contacts. Meanwhile, Instagram has become my go-to for connecting with Realtors and Insurance Agents. Most roofers try to find referral partners by walking into offices and bringing goodies. My approach was to connect with them on Instagram. Most Realtors are on Instagram now to show off their listings, and most Insurance Agents are on Instagram to build their client base. I locate the ones I want to target, follow them, like their stuff, and build an online relationship. It’s only then that I’ll come by their office with goodies.

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